Monday, November 10, 2008

Reading the second part of the book I believe that Alvarez makes the reader connect more with the characters. I think the view of the parents especially the father changes a lot. The story that most accomplishes this is “floor Show”. Here I think there is a big change for the girls, especially for Sandi, they have just come to a new country and the girls have been under a lot of pressure to adapt to the new culture and under a lot of pressure from school and feeling like outsiders. But coming to a Spanish restaurant I think they are reminded of how their own culture is beautiful they were reminded of what they have Sandi mentions “Best of all were the rich, familiar smells of garlic and onion and the lilting cadence of Spanish spoken by the dark-eyed waiters, who reminded Sandi of her uncles”(181) she is even more inspired by the dancers when they dance she in some way is proud that a beautiful performance is in some way related to her. Then we have the contrast a representation of USA which is Dr. Fanning’s wife. She in some way ruins the beauty with her presence she says “Mrs. Fanning had broken the spell of the wild and beautiful dancers. Sandi could not bear to watch her” (182) A way to rebel to this is Sandi’s rebellious attitude by asking for the doll, this is visible especially in the end when she says thank you in Spanish “as if the Barbie doll had to be true to her Spanish costume”(187) so here we see especially Sandi learning that she needs to maintain her roots. I really like this story because in a way the main character Sandi is trying to find herself in the mist of American Culture and Spanish Culture which is how she finds herself.


Juliana S said...

I like how you mentioned this story. It shows the hypocracy of the american culture: why is it alright to call someone a spic and yet go to a restaurant in which that same culture is idolatrized?

heather said...

I agree with you and I think that there are stories which each show lessons that each of the girls learns, and shows them growing up. This story showed a lot about Sandi and her search for understanding...about culture but also about sexuality and relationships with the incident between her father and Mrs. Fanning. She sees her father in a vulnerable position...which for her is one of the moments when she realizes that her parents are human.